frame-18-nuIf you enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing or any other form of outdoor recreation, imagine having acre upon acre of spectacular Adirondack forest available for your private recreational use…at a fraction of the cost of owning the land.

Finch foresters currently manage recreational leasing programs on spectacular Adirondack forestland owned by The Nature Conservancy.

These forest parcels range in size from less than one acre to more than 4,000 acres, each with their own unique characteristics — including mountains, lakes, rivers, streams and easy access to adjoining state-owned lands.

People who participate in these leasing programs value the very private recreational experience that is possible because access is strictly controlled. This experience can differ markedly from the recreational experiences to be found on public lands, where large numbers of people often converge on a relatively small number of areas — mainly river valleys and mountain peaks —  diminishing the much-sought-after sense of seclusion. Because of our network of woods roads, these recreational leasing programs also offer an opportunity for people with physical disabilities or limitations to enjoy the spectacular Adirondack experience as conveniently as possible.

Leases are available to organized clubs as well as to individuals and families, on a year-round or seasonal basis.

Permission Forms:

  • To download the permission form to build or modify a cabin, please click here (PDF)
  • To download the permission form to locate a feed plot, please click here (PDF)
  • To download the permission form to locate a temporary trailer, please click here (PDF)

For more information, please contact us at (518) 793-2541, ext. 5693, or via email.